I strive to create beautiful stories in an artistic, cinematic way.       I am a storyteller at heart and love what I do.


Hello there, my name is Felicity.

Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and see what I do here!

I’m the creative nut who started F.J.West Films Creative – Media – House. As we may be spending a fair amount of time together I feel it's important for you to gain a little insight into who I am…

It all started with a love for travel, exploring many cultures through photography and film. I would showcase my work on my personal Facebook and youtube channel.

I may have lost my tan, but gained a lifetime of memories and photography and film making skills.

F.J.West Films Creative-Media-House was born.

Today, I work for myself full time doing what I absolutely love. I spend most of my time shooting weddings, events, family fun and anything else that comes my way.

However, any spare moment I get I'm always looking to be creative and explore new ways of doing things.

I also like to hop on a plane at any chance I get to build my portfolio even more.

Next on my bucket list for 2018/19 will hopefully be Iceland, Canada and New Zealand!

Someone once told me about this thing called the 'Travel Bug' Yeah,... that's REAL!  



Perfecting my Craft


I specialise in Wedding Photography & Videography providing you with a natural, cinematic and documented style of your entire wedding day. 

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I strive to be discreet and unobtrusive in my approach. I often receive comments like: ''I didn't even know you were there''

I get to know each and every couple well during the process from the initial first consultation (Coffee, cake and chat) all the way through to the wedding day and beyond. I always listen closely to your wants and needs and always make sure each client understands my friendly, flexible approach. Many of my clients have now become friends - that's what I love about this job! 

I am always investing in new camera and equipment to ensure I provide every couple with a piece of cinema they can cherish forever. I also invest 40 - 60 hours in the editing room, colour grading and perfecting each and every photo and video.

I am based in Milton Keynes, UK. But can travel as far as the other side of the world to capture your special day.


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''I travel internationally, no story is too far for me to tell''

Having spent my 20's backpacking around the world, sleeping in hostels, meeting people from many different cultures I am used to travelling solo. My gear is compact and I only require one plane seat. 

Recent Destinations





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My Mission


Every good brand or organisation has a reason for why they do what they do. I'm passionate about ‘doing good’. It’s at the core of what F.J.West Films does and what it represents.

As often as I can, F.J.West Films aims to help raise awareness for causes I admire. I share their story through video and encourage others to support them by focusing on the positive stories that surround these organisations.

In March 2017 I travelled to Ghana in West Africa to help raise awareness for a registered charity - Akwaaba Volunteers. It was an inspiring week, I met some incredible people and witnessed the work they are doing to help brighten the future of the next generation in Ghana.

To find out more about volunteering and having an experience of a life time click the link below. 

If you are a registered charity and would like to work together -

I would love to hear from you.